Suzette Smith
Suzette Smith, Founder

About White Space

"Your White Space is what matters. Let us create it for you."

– Suzette Smith, Founder of White Space

White Space is here to serve YOU – and clients across the United States – with new tools to address your unique needs. No matter where you live, White Space can help you with your organizing goals. You get the help that goes beyond the traditional organizing company: your specific problems will be revealed and your solutions will be unique. Your assessment begins HERE and your solution will be all your own.

White Space cares about you – and your struggle to understand your clutter; your frustration over finishing your projects; your emotion around your organizing. We fix your situation, create your plans, and help your maintenance – with an organization that sticks.

White Space is celebrating 10 years in business – and is located in Alexandria, VA.

Create Your Space! Organize Your Life!

Meet Suzette Smith

Suzette Smith is a Professional Organizer with 10 years of experience – and the owner of White Space. Since she was young, Suzette has had a passion for organizing. She organized her schoolbooks and her college dorm. To this day, she won’t go to bed until everything is in its place. She loves her job organizing for others because she knows it brings both peace and efficiency.

I am Now on Top of Things!

Suzette is thoughtful in her work and knows how to create an environment of mutual respect. When we worked together, she was able to keep us both on a consistent schedule – and helped me so much and my own calendaring. Now I’m always on track. I loved working with her; she is composed, direct, effective.

Heather Hans

Salt Lake City, UT

Frustrated with Clutter!

I have a busy family and household, so I can feel frustrated with the decline in order. It seems that as soon as I get one space organized, another one is falling apart.

Sometimes I just need help in a deep dive for specific spaces. I like to get a whole room cleared at once: organized, purged, items ready for donation. Enter Suzette and White Space. She helps me get the whole project done. I stay focused when she is working with me. It feels so good at the end.

I would recommend White Space to anyone who wants to make sure the project gets finished – and stays finished.

Amy Barker

Alexandria, VA

Projects Everywhere!

I have a hundred hobbies and I love all of them. I have costumes, crafts (so many crafts!), games, sewing – and, of course, school things and even more craft for the kids. They all come with supplies, which seem to get scattered everywhere.

When I need to pull things into order, I call White Space. I love working with Suzette and appreciate her eye for fixing my organizational challenges.

Michaela Bowers

Alexandria, VA

10 Common Stumbling Blocks

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Congratulations! You've just taken the first step to understand your organizing process. I look forward to working with you. Let's gather some quick information, so we can get started.

After successful submission, you will be directed to the appointment page to schedule your 45-minute consultation. Following your consultation, you receive:

  • A written diagnosis to identify your unique stumbling blocks
  • A written prescription to remove those stumbling blocks
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After the assessment, you'll receive a written diagnosis to identify your unique stumbling blocks and a written prescription to remove those stumbling blocks.

Refund Policy

Our goal is for all our clients to be pleased and happy with the results of working with White Space. However, if you are not completely satisfied with our service, you are entitled to a full refund. The refund will be sent to you in a check via USPS. Refunds must be requested within 120 days of the original purchase.

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