Suzette Smith

Suzette Smith
Suzette Smith, Founder

Meet Suzette Smith

"Your White Space is what matters. Let us create it for you."

– Suzette Smith, Founder of White Space

Suzette Smith is a Professional Organizer with 10 years of experience – and the owner of White Space. Since she was young, Suzette has had a passion for organizing. She organized her schoolbooks and her college dorm. To this day, she won’t go to bed until everything is in its place. She loves her job organizing for others because she knows it brings both peace and efficiency.

In her work, Suzette has solved nearly every organizing problem imaginable: overburdened garages, jammed closets, cluttered kitchens, small spaces, chaotic inboxes, and more. She is able to see a space and immediately invision what it will become. Additionally, she has years of post-MBA project management experience, which allows her to see the process, system, and flow of a home.

Suzette relates well to her clients, because she, herself, balances a busy life with her business, volunteer work, and hobbies. She loves people and is happiest when she is close to clients and working to solve their problems.

When she is not organizing, she enjoys swing dancing, motorcycle riding, and spending time with her 21 nieces and nephews. She lives in Alexandria, VA.

White Space is Great!

Suzette is the whole package; she is extremely skilled and a strong communicator. Working with a very diverse group of individuals, Suzette was able to articulate a vision and accomplish goals. Whoever works with Suzette will be lucky to have her.

Lori Giovannoni

Salt Lake City, UT

Procrastination Caused Disorder!

With a demanding full-time job and several hobbies, being organized and efficient is essential. I like organization, and I want to stay ordered, but it’s the last thing I want to do at the end of my busy days.

Meanwhile, the mail piles up, the closets fill up, and the office gets messy. All my procrastinated projects were swept away. Hiring White Space was the best thing I did for myself.

Suzette walked through the whole house and listened carefully to all my frustrations. She put together a plan that I could follow, complete with accountability checks.

In addition, she was able to work with the current furniture and storage I already had, putting them to even better use. It feels great! It allows me to carve out the needed time for organization and ensures that I get it done.

Nina Dang

Washington DC

I’m Amazed about White Space!

Organizing is not my strong suit. With young children and my own business goals, I feel like I’m living in constant commotion. Thank goodness White Space can help.

I’m amazed at how Suzette can quickly identify problems and pull a room into order – all in a couple of hours. She makes me feel relaxed; her efficiency is a good balance when frustrated.

I would recommend her for any of your disorganized moments (or rooms).

Cherlyn Jenkins

Fairfax, VA

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