White Space invites you to live with more peace, more space, and more order.  We provide organizing services for overstuffed closets, random files, cluttered kitchens and messy garages so clients have more time and space to make sense of everything else in life.  Create a feeling of lightness in your home that will allow you to accomplish more in your day.

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Our Services:

Home Office Organizing

  • Files and Organized Space
  • Calendars
  • Systems Processes
  • Data Flow

Home Organizing

  • Kitchen Cupboard
  • Bedroom Closets / Hall Closets
  • Office Files
  • Bathroom Shelves
  • Basements / Attics / Garages

Assessing Problem Areas
Reworking Available Space
Purging Unwanted Items
Creating Organizational Systems
Assisting with Maintenance