White Space

An Organizing Company

My Plan

If you want a little assistance in doing your own organizing (or if you live far away from your favorite organizer) - White Space will help you create and keep a plan.

Organized spaces give you energy, time, and peace. When things are in place, you can make a fresh start in your day or in your life.

An ordered home will give you more time to spend on the things that are important to you – your family, your hobbies, your career, and your dreams.

Step 1: Assessment
We begin with a 1-hour consulting phone call and then emails that include pictures of your space.  In this step, we will outline your focus project, discuss your goals for the space, evaluate your time, and brainstorm solutions for your barriers and trouble areas.

Step 2: The Plan
White Space will send you a personalized plan for your project that includes dates, times, tasks, items to purchase, etc.

Step 3:  Execution of the Plan
You will execute your plan - with White Space just a click or call away. Our follow up emails will help you stay on task and complete your project.

Step 4: Maintenance
Maintenance is easy and it doesn’t take much time, but you do have to do it every day. White Space will help with reminders – and with tips on how to involve your family and roommates in the process of staying organized. Remember: Don’t put it down; put it away.

Let's Get Started:
When it’s time to start a new project, White Space will be ready with a new plan.

Call: 703.408.7881   Email: suzette@whitespaceorganizing.com


My Plan for More White Space

Get Ready to Organize!

Make the Time: We will find the time you need and set it aside. We will outline specific dates to organize.
Clear the Time: We will plan to remove barriers during organizing time – ie: coordinating children and other commitments.
List of Items to Purchase: For some projects, there will be items to purchase.  These might include shelves, bulletin boards, mail sorting baskets, file holders, and hooks.

Possible Organizing Sessions ...
  • Select a date and set aside 3-5 hours
    Tasks May Include:  Purging, dropping un-needed items at good-will, reassigning space for essential items
  • Select a date and set aside 1-3 hours
    Tasks May Include: Modifying desks and work space, hanging racks in kitchens, putting up hooks in bathrooms
  • Select a date and set aside 3-5 hours
    Tasks May Include: Re-assembling clothes on new closet shelves, boxing items for storage, updating containers for food items