White Space

An Organizing Company


To start your organizing work, White Space will come to your home or office and spend an hour walking through your space and talking to you about your goals and problem areas. ($100)

Within the next 3 days, you’ll receive a written plan outlining a course of action just for you. Your assessed plan will start with the area of most need and work through all your organizing requirements. The plan will list all the steps to take and the hours of work.

You can choose to work through your plan with White Space assistance or do pieces on your own. (Work with an organizer is $75/hour)

Good maintenance will also be discussed and included in plans.

In your office, we’ll review and plan for:
  • Items on your desk and in your drawers
  • Things to purge and/or store
  • Arrangement for highest efficiency
  • Furniture to arrange for highest efficiency
  • Files and Labels
  • Computer files and labels
  • Email purge
  • Email files and labels
  • Calendar assistance if needed
In your home, we’ll review and plan for:
  • Purge of unused items
  • Replacing home items so they are usable and accessible
  • Reworking closet space for highest efficiency
  • Kitchen cupboards for best accessibility
  • Pantries
  • Memorabilia organized and filed
  • Storage Space utilized: basement, attics, garages